Catalyst of Record

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Someone sent me the following quote from a New York Times article a few months ago – and it keeps popping up in my brain (typically on a daily basis).

“There’s a real appetite among clients for ideas,” said Brett Shevack, who opened a consultancy, the Brand Initiatives Group, early this year after serving as vice chairman for brand initiatives at BBDO New York, part of the BBDO Worldwide unit of the Omnicom Group.

“A lot of people are talking about the advertising agency industry, whether the model is dead or alive,” Mr. Shevack said. “What’s important is to lose the mentality of ‘agency of record’ and adopt the mentality of ‘catalyst of record’ ”

I love that term, “Catalyst of Record!” It challenges me to think of (and present) creative, new ideas for our clients, for our agency and even for how we interact with our friends and families.  It makes me wonder why don’t we all integrate more creativity into our daily lives..and I think this article touches on some great reasons why.

What has prevented you from becoming a “catalyst of creative ideas” or, alternatively, what has helped you? I’d love to hear from you.

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