No bah-humbug for you

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So here we are, on the cusp of the 2009 holiday season.

I’ll admit to you that I’ve been a bit of a Scrooge the past couple of years.  Bah-humbug, if you will.  I have two small children and on top of running a business, being a mom, keeping up the house, having a conversation with my husband, being a good friend/daughter/co-worker….well the holidays just felt like one more thing to cross of my expanding to-do list.

But this year, I told myself to stop being such a stick in the mud and enjoy the holiday season and everything it represents.  I mean, it’s time to get back to spreading some joy, for goodness sakes!

For me, that means taking a moment to stop and spend time (quality time, not time half spent typing on my Blackberry) with loved ones and colleagues.  It means taking my kids to the Christmas parades in both Greenville AND Greer (one can never have too many Christmas parades I’ve decided).

It means saying thank you to the clients, the friends and the business mentors who have been such strong supporters of Kim and me as we get Full Circle Public Relations up and running (and we mean sprinting).

I hope we can all take a minute this holiday season to pause and spend some time with those people who are important to us, give back to those less fortunate than us, and make time to plan for what’s sure to be a more optimistic year ahead.

So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, all rolled into one! I would write more, but I’ve got to go fight the lines at Toys ‘R Us for that must-have toy on my kid’s Christmas wish list.  Cheers!

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