It’s Game Time

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Here in the South, most of us operate on a slightly different calendar than the rest of the world.  There’s college football season, and then the months leading up to college football season.

Today marks the first game for most NCAA football teams around the country.  Walking around town, you can feel the excitement as fans prepare for tailgating parties and get ready for the season ahead.  Everyone knows: it’s game time.

As we announced earlier this week, Kim and I opened Full Circle Public Relations and are now officially moved in to our new office space.  We’ve been planning for months (if not years) for this to happen, and now it’s all become a reality for us.

Full Circle is a labor of love.  As Kim and I plan our vision for our company’s future, we talk about what we want it to look and feel like, what type of employees will fit into our culture and what type of client partnerships we want to form.

And if you know Kim or me, you know we love to sit down and have one-on-one conversations with people and get to know their stories.   We want to share this blog space with you, as well, to share news about our firm, about our personal lives and discuss what’s going on in the world around us.

We hope you’ll take part in our conversation.  Or if you’re in downtown Greenville, stop in and see us.  We can’t wait to get to know you better.

So here’s to the start of a new season.  It’s game time, baby!

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